Every organization needs information no matter the industry in which it operates. External or internal threats can cause the organization dire consequences when they are not tested. When organizational investigations are done well, they will expose situations and weaknesses that affect the security of the organization, identify on going and minimize risks. DDBI Group specializes in conducting investigations and security checks for your organization. We examine internal and external risk factors, and then we can provide customized solutions.

DDBI – Due Diligence Business Intelligence Solutions

DDBI Group is a long-standing and leading group in its field in Israel.

The group provides services on an ongoing basis to the business and private sector in the field of business intelligence, financial intelligence, strategic intelligence, due diligence and locating hidden assets in Israel and around the world.

The group serves as a representative in Israel in the field of business intelligence to a number of renowned international companies, some of them are leading in the world.

Business intelligence is a complex field that requires precision and creative thinking, and in order to provide an efficient and accurate business intelligence service, we work internationally and have an extensive network of connections in many countries allowing us to provide a global financial and strategic business intelligence service.

Our team consists of graduates of special units in the financial and economic field, graduates of the security services in information gathering and operation positions, and analysts from various fields.

The group's chairman has been involved in the field of intelligence for about 30 years, works in a special unit and have previous experience in a variety of key positions in the field of security, investigations and intelligence in Israel and abroad.

With years of experience in gathering strategic investigative business intelligence, our firms' competitive business intelligence researchers know how to gather vital information about your competitors in the market, intelligence that will help you make the right decisions.

Accurate business intelligence is essential for building a winning strategy for companies that want to make smart and informed decisions regarding new acquisitions, investments, expansions, new markets, partnerships and more.

The DDBI Group analysts are specially trained to conduct strategic investigative business intelligence investigations and competitive intelligence investigations, while clarifying and obtaining in-depth information on current and potential business partners, for the success of your company.

With the help of the information we collect, you will be able to make the right strategic decisions, improve your business activity and make the right decisions about strategic relationships and future deals, and most importantly, protect the company from theft and embezzlement.

As part of a strategic investigative business intelligence gathering activity, we will provide you with comprehensive information on competitors in your business niche, including pricing, marketing, distribution, innovations, promotions and more.

As part of these tests, we act in a creative and original way, "outside the box" thinking in order to provide you with relevant information.

Some of the questions we answer in the context of business intelligence, financial intelligence, competitive intelligence and strategic intelligence, includes:

Due Diligence

Profile checks

Business Intelligence

Companies Business Intelligence

Financial Business Intelligence

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